Find more ways to say tenant, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A tenant is not responsible, under such a covenant, for deterioration due to diminution in value caused by lapse of time or by the elements. 2 This may be paraphrased as follows:The precarium tenant may employ the interdict against a third party, because he cannot use the ordinary civil action, his holding being not a matter of business but rather of favour and kindness. Mrs. Glass told him he wasn't the first person asking about her Bascomb Place tenant and the fellow wanted to know all about us. The same prospect of misery hung over the head of another, 28. In his opinion the best plan would be to treat as owner the person immediately above the occupying tenant. If a tenant quits leaving tithe unpaid, the landlord may pay it and recover it from him. The law of Scotland as to landlord and tenant may be considered under two main heads: - I. The word may mean farm laborer, tenant farmer, or farm owner. "He attempted to defuse the land question with Balfour 's dual ownership Second Land Landlord must always give his written consent to tenant. 5. - To constitute the relationship of landlord and tenant in the mode under consideration, it is necessary not only that there should be parties capable of entering into the contract, but that there should be a letting, as distinct from a mere agreement to let, and that the right conveyed should be a right to the exclusive possession of the subject of the letting and not a simple licence to use it. Mrs. Glass considered complaining but with 22 vacancies she didn't want to antagonize a new tenant and jeopardize a three-month advance. The marrorial system was already doomed, and the rent-paying tenant farmers, who had begun to appear after the Black Death, gradually superseded the villeins as the normal type of peasantry during the two generations that followed the outbreak that is generally known as Wat Tylers rebellion. where a tenant's rent is in arrear, or he fails to remove on the expiry of his lease (Act of Sederunt, 14th of Dec. 1756: Agricultural Holdings Act 1883, s. where a house is burnt down, or a farm is reduced to " sterility " by flood or hurricane, discharges the tenant from the obligation to pay rent. " But the modern Land Acts have readjusted the relation between landlords and tenants, while the Land Purchase Acts have aimed at abolishing those relations by enabling the tenant to become the owner of his holding. Define In-line Tenant. For example, if the owner and a tenant reside in the same dwelling, the owner is liable. No, the landlord may not repossess the house without a court order unless the tenant has surrendered the tenancy. council tenant, these rules do not affect you. If the tenancy becomes periodic what are the minimum notice requirements from the tenant? An assured tenant pays an assured rent, set every year by CDS. She listened patiently to Dean's detailed explanation that he was from the police and interested in a tenant, Mr. J. Cleary of Bascomb Place. tenant farming in a sentence - Use "tenant farming" in a sentence 1. If let on share-profit, the landlord and tenant shared the loss proportionately to their stipulated share of profit. By 1930, tenant farming and sharecropping comprised 64 percent of the county's farms. was crowned he paid a short visit to his birthplace, but the last royal tenant of the palace was Charles II., who occupied it just before the battle of Pitreavie (20th of July 1650), which took place 3 m. The glebes and hospital lands were a fresh power in the hands of the crown, and the subservient Lutheran clergy became the most powerful class in the island, while the system of under-leasing at rackrent and short lease with unsecured tenant right extended over at least a quarter of the better land. - English Law: Wolstenholme, Brinton and Cherry, Conveyancing and Settled Land Acts (London, 9th ed., 1905); Hood and Challis, Conveyancing and Settled Land Acts (London, 7th ed., 1909); Foa, on Landlord and Tenant (London, 4th ed., 1907); Woodfall, on Landlord and Tenant (London, 18th ed., 1907); Fawcett, Landlord and Tenant (London, 3rd ed., 1905). (ii.) On unimproved lands the tenant pays only the taxes the first two years. If he profess, however, to create a tenancy for a period longer than that to which his own interest extends, he does not thereby give to his tenant an interest available against the reversioner or remainder man. by the bankruptcy or insolvency of the tenant, at the landlord's option, if it is so stipulated in the lease; (iv.) Are you an owner - occupier or a tenant? ingoing tenant to pay both parties legal fees. These policies apply when the owner is unable to lease their properties for a reason beyond their control, such as property being damaged or it being involved in a lawsuit with a former or current tenant. Claim settled at mediation. Rents are individually negotiated between landlord and tenant. By continued user of the same land for some years and discharge of the public obligations in respect of it in addition to the ciss or payment as tenant, a ceile became a subowner or permanent tenant and could not be evicted. Taking a strong line on the educational question which was then agitating Ireland, he took a leading part in the national movement of 1850-1852, and at first supported the Tenant Rights League. It is paid, in the first instance, in the case of land or houses, by the occupier, and where the occupier is a tenant it is recovered by him from the owner. The question of the distribution of water, rightly considered, resolves itself into a question of delivering water to the water tenant, without leakage on the way, and of securing that the fittings employed by the water tenant shall be such as to afford an ample and ready supply at all times of the day and night without leakage and without any unnecessary facilities for waste. Lunchtime I went to the housing office to talk to Pat (tenant participation officer) about our visit on Friday to Derby. A lease may be transmitted (i.) Synonyms: leaseholder , resident , renter , occupant More Synonyms of tenant 3. Barker was still tenant in 1540, when the Crown granted the tenement to him rent free for life. Examples of Tenet in a sentence. The custom of the district, in the absence of stipulations between the parties, would be imported into their contract - the tenant going out on the same conditions as he came in. Definition of Tenet. African Americans had to resort to sharecropping and tenant farming to survive. These rights, which are heritable but not transferable, protect the tenant against eviction, except for default in payment of rent, while the rent may not be enhanced except by mutual agreement or by order of a revenue court. The parson is tenant for life of the parsonage house, the glebe, the tithes and other dues, so far as they are not appropriated. abstaining joint tenant to serve a counter-notice. The annual government demand, like the succession duty in England, is universally the first liability on the land; when that is satisfied, the registered landholder has powers of sale or mortgage scarcely more restricted than those of a tenant in fee-simple. The same prospect of misery hung over the head of another. 3. The lowest tenant of all was the freeholder, or, as he was sometimes termed tenant paravail. An assignment which creates the relationship of landlord and tenant between the lessor or lessee and the assignee, must be by deed, but the acceptance by a landlord of rent from a tenant under an invalid assignment may create an implied tenancy from year to year; and similarly payment of rent by a tenant may amount to an acknowledgment of his landlord's title. 233+3 sentence examples: 1. He did not introduce the practice by which the small man commended himself to the great man, and in return for his protection divested himself~ of the full ownership of his own land, and became a customary tenant in what later ages called a manor. The contract generally' specified that the house was in good repair, and the tenant was bound to keep it so. There is no trace of the distinctive marks of Frankish feudalism in Saxon England, not where military service may be thought to rest upon the land, nor even in the rare cases where the tenant seems to some to be made responsible for it, for between these cases as they are described in the original accounts, legally interpreted, and the feudal conception of the vassal's military service, there is a great gulf. Langford was still tenant in 1544, when the Crown sold the messuage to George Bacon and George Baron. It may be possible to secure a guarantor for the tenant, which would be an excellent move. Their tenants were in a state of unrest. The way was paved for these changes by the existence in Ulster of a local custom having virtually the force of law, which had two main features - fixity of tenure, and free right of sale by the tenant of his interest. Landlord of a tenant, who has an assured tenancy, grants a new one. 4. In the case of urban leases, however, ejectment (q.v.) The tenant may terminate the agreement at any time by giving two months written notice to quit. In this case the tenant pays the agent gross. This situation requires tact - you cannot instruct the tenant to get a gas oven. An agricultural tenant may not contract himself out of his statutory right to compensation, but " contracting out " is apparently not prohibited with regard to the right given him by the acts of 1883 and 1900 to remove fixtures which he has erected and for which he is not otherwise entitled to compensation, after reasonable notice to the landlord, unless the latter elects to purchase such fixtures at a valuation. Liability - This clause protects you in the event a tenant files a lawsuit against you in regards to either an injury or property damage that occurred on your property. How to use tenancy in a sentence. Council tax in a fully self-contained flat is payable by the tenant. Inquilinaggio is a form of lease by which the landlord, and sometimes the tenant, makes over to tenant or subtenant the sowing of corn. Tenant definition, a person or group that rents and occupies land, a house, an office, or the like, from another for a period of time; lessee. ), hence a peer of the realm, a member of the House of Lords, constituted of the lords temporal and the lords spiritual; this is the chief modern usage. Tenet definition is - a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially : one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession. certain other classes of improvements although the landlord's consent has not been obtained. a tenant for life under the Settled Land Acts, or a mortgagor or mortgagee. The word you are looking for is tenant.An example sentence is "the landlord is advertising for a new tenant". Of old, a tenant thus obtaining half the produce to himself was held to be co-owner of the soil to the extent of one-fourth; and if he had three-fourths of the crop, his ownership came to one-half. Regulations placed clear obligations on the landlord for the benefit of the tenant. You have a succession right whether you are a secure tenant or an assured tenant. The tenant pays his landlord eight hundred dollars a month to live in his apartment complex. Instead, it protects the tenant's belongings inside the unit. tenants example sentences. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "tenant" The tenants in the building are complaining that the landlord is taking too long to make repairsOne of the tenants in the apartment block beside ours caused a fire that destroyed the entire building. The Landlord shall furnish for installation by the In-line Tenant the thermostat for control of the V.A.V. Following our approval the tenant and proposed subtenant must agree a written contract to establish the sublet. The property See more. Waste land was let to reclaim, the tenant being rent-free for three years and paying a stipulated rent in the fourth year. Find more ways to say tenants, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. by " assignation," intimated to the landlord, and followed by possession on the part of the assignee; (ii.) In these circumstances, the Irish contended that the relief which the act of 1870 had afforded should be extended, and that, till such legislation could be devised, a temporary measure should be passed giving the tenant compensation for disturbance. The tenant for life or years may appropriate this produce (see Dashwood v. In 1886, however, it was enacted that no such extraordinary charge shall be levied on any such grounds so newly cultivated in future; the capital value of the existing charges was assessed, and the payment of interest thereon was made a rent charge on the land payable in priority to all other charges until its redemption, and recoverable in the same way as ordinary rent charge and exempt from all rates, charges and assessments: the charge was redeemable at the capital value, and, saving existing contracts, it was as between landlord and tenant payable by the landlord, any agreement to the contrary notwithstanding; and it is not subject to the Tithe Act of 1891. : Working their own land gave laborers hope of a rise in status to that of the small tenant farmer. The rent is a matter for negotiation between the landlord and the, 26. Under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, a bankrupt commercial tenant will only have 120 days from their bankruptcy filing date to decide to stay or go. Based on income, a certain portion of rent in a HUD-approved unit, found by the tenant or through a HUD listing of currently approved property owners, is paid through the program. There is nothing to ensure that the supply will be equal to the demand, and Nature has not arranged that the borrowed tenement shall continue to grow with the growth of its new tenant. - Under these leases, the term of which is usually 99 and sometimes 999 years, the tenant is to a certain extent in the position of a fee simple proprietor, except that his right is terminable, and that he can only exercise such rights of ownership as are conferred on him either by statute or by the terms of his lease. The relationship of landlord and tenant is created, altered and dissolved in the same way, and the rights and duties of parties are substantially identical. In 1803 Southey became a joint lodger with Coleridge at Greta Hall, Keswick, of which in 1812 Southey became sole tenant and occupier. Under this program, you are required to have a tenant ready to rent the property prior to getting the mortgage. The judge made a possession order against the, 5. The primary idea of sepulture appears to have been the provision of a habitation for the dead; and thus, in its perfect form, the barrow included a chamber or chambers where the tenant was surrounded with the prized possessions of his previous life. - the Landlord and Tenant Act 1730 - makes a tenant who holds over after receiving a notice from his landlord liable to the extent of double the value of the premises. PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh man will be spending up to 13 years in prison after he was sentenced following a deadly landlord - tenant dispute. The organization eventually dissolved and began selling land to their tenant farmers. 109 "Tell me about the downstairs tenant in the building, Aaron Levy," Fred asked. The law of landlord and tenant was originally substantially the same as that described for England is. the profits of sown land, a tenant may be entitled to these whose term comes tc an end by the happening of an uncertain contingency (see Emblements). If the life tenant is the settlor 's spouse, then the PET will be an exempt transfer under IHTA 1984 s 18. "Tell me about the downstairs tenant in the building, Aaron Levy," Fred asked. A party enjoying an estate is called a "tenant. The Word "Tenant" in Example Sentences Page 1 2266347 He has many tenants on his land. How to use tenants in a sentence. Only the question of the legal relations between landlord and tenant can be touched upon. This is one portion of insurance that most people assume landlords are liable for but, more often than not, it is the tenant who is liable and will experience the financial burden. tenets vs. tenants This would be a mistake, since the landlord's policy would only cover loss to the building itself, and none of the tenant's belongings would be covered. In many of the colonies, parts of the English law of landlord and tenant, common law and statutory, have been introduced by local enactments (cf. Having apportioned his money among the poor, and settled his lands upon the church, with the exception of making his sister Marcellina tenant during life, and having committed the care of his family to his brother, he entered upon a regular course of theological study, under the care of Simplician, a presbyter of Rome, and devoted himself to the labours of the church, labours which were temporarily interrupted by an invasion of Goths, which compelled Ambrose and other churchmen to retire to Illyricum. certain specified improvements made by him with the landlord's previous consent in writing; and (ii.) The Foundation believes that anyone, whether croft tenant or owner-occupier managing and investing in croft tenant or owner-occupier managing and investing in croft land ought to have access to the scheme. 2. 69. Such customary tenant right only arises at the expiration of the lease, and on the substantial performance of the covenants; and is forfeited if the tenant abandons his tenancy during the term. Examples of In-line Tenant in a sentence. lease in reversion of lands in the manor of Kingsland, of which he is tenant. Attornment," or the agreement by a tenant to become tenant to a new landlord, is a term now often used to indicate an acknowledgment of the existence of the relationship of landlord and tenant. A presumption of law in the tenant's favour was created as to improvements made since 1850. He may evict his tenant should the rent be in arrear for five years, and may at any time distrain if it be overdue; but he cannot otherwise interfere with the holding, which the tenant may improve or neglect. 25), lest the hand of human craftsman should introduce another numen or divine power than what the votaries wished to tenant them. tenant. You can see the blood stains near Annie's flat; another tenant in the block was pierced by one of the discarded needles. 3. - Reference may be made, in conclusion, to a few modern statutes which have affected the law of landlord and tenant. Term 18. requires the tenant to inform the landlord ' immediately ' of any outbreak of fire, burglary or attempted burglary. In both cases a prompt notification by the tenant is required to enable remedial action to be taken. The infield (where wheat is sown) is generally divided by the tenant into four divisions or breaks, as they call them, viz. tenant involvement here but how can we help people get more out of where they live? Such a tenant could not be expelled except for non-payment, bad culture or the transfer of his lease without the landlord's consent. The legal relationship of landlord and tenant is constituted by a lease, or an agreement for a lease, by assignment, by attornment and by estoppel. tenant farmers from growing GM crops on its land. 76. If dayly tenants pay me rent thus fast. Rawle) (London, 1897); McAdam, Rights, Remedies and Liabilities of Landlord and Tenant (New York, 1900); Wood, Law of Landlord and Tenant (New York, 1888). Information and translations of Co-tenant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Where there is an unqualified covenant to repair, and the premises during the tenancy are burnt down, or destroyed by some other inevitable calamity, the tenant is bound to rebuild and restore them at his own expense, even although the landlord has taken out a policy on his own account and been paid by the insurance company in respect of it. The tenant agrees to surrender this lease in return for a new fifteen year lease at £ 150,000 per annum. Tenancy is dissolved by the expiry of the term for which it was created, or by forfeiture of the tenant's interest on the ground of the breach of some condition by the tenant and re-entry by the landlord. " As affecting agricultural practice there were three noteworthy improvements in respect of the making of which, without the consent of or notice to his landlord, a tenant might claim compensation - (1) the consumption on the holding " by horses, other than those regularly employed on the holding," of corn, cake or other feeding-stuff not produced on the holding; (2) the "consumption on the holding by cattle, sheep, or pigs, or by horses other than those regularly employed on the holding, of corn proved by satisfactory evidence to have been produced and consumed on the holding "; (3) " laying down temporary pasture with clover, grass, lucerne, sainfoin or other seeds sown more than two years prior to the determination of the tenancy.". £ 230,000.00 landlord and tenant dilapidations claim. Agricultural leases usually contain special provisions as to the order of cropping, the proper stocking of the farm, and the rights of the incoming and outgoing tenant with regard to the waygoing crop. Tenant: Can my landlord use a handyman or plumber for gas work? The chief of these are the following: the relation of vassal and lord; the principle that every holder of land is a tenant and not an owner, until the highest rank is reached, sometimes even the conception rules in that rank; that the tenure by which a thing of value is held is one of honourable service, not intended to be economic, but moral and political in character; the principle of mutual obligations of loyalty, protection and service binding together all the ranks of this society from the highest to the lowest; and the principle of contract between lord and tenant, as determining all rights, controlling their modification, and forming the foundation of all law. The hypothetical tenant in an ability to pay scenario is likely to have no profit motive. Example sentences with the word tenants. Tenancy at Suferance.- A tenant who comes into possession by a lawful demise, but " holds over " or continues in possession after his estate is ended, is said to be a " tenant at sufferance.". excidere, to fall out), in English law, the reversion of lands to the next lord on the failure of heirs of the tenant. In the midst of the peasants themselves there lived a consciousness of their special claims as to tenant right, claims which sometimes assumed the shape of the quaint saying, "The land is ours, though we are yours.". A tenant is not entitled, without the landlord's consent, to change the character of the subjects demised, and, except under an agricultural lease, he is bound to quit the premises on the expiration of the lease.
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