So….whattya got? Get the best price on Epiphone Les Paul Studio at Guitar Center. He passed away in 1997, and since, Seymour Duncan lovingly crafted the Seth Lover pickup to honor his life and work. There’s also Epiphone-designed Alnico Classic humbuckers, Grover tuners and a LockTone ABR Tune-o-matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece. You will be very happy with that combo! Its character is truly deep and reminiscent, it draws inspiration from DiMarzio’s ’59 guitars as well as the PAF and marries the two perfectly. Epi with Pearly Gates in rear and Alinco II in front ,Page wiring….I like it. A roundup of recommendations for the best pickups for Les Paul electric guitar upgrades, from Fishman, Seymour Duncan, and EMG. The Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Studio Deluxe Electric Guitar Is a dressed up studio edition that gives you all the great tone and sustain you expect from a meaty set-neck mahogany body with 12" radius for strings bends that won't fret out. Les Paul Main Page | All Les Paul Models. Since I wrote that comment, I’ve gotten an Epi 1966 G400 Pro off of clearance in TV Silver, and an amazingly pretty cherry Epi ES-339. I bought the LP100 as my first electric (predominantly a bassist) around Christmas. Seriously these pickups just sparkle in both! For a more sweeter/brighter tone, go with the Pearly Gates. When I got it home i discovered that the neck pickup was installed backwards-in other words, the pole piece screws were situated away from the neck, rather can closer to the neck, like every other double humbucker installation I’ve ever seen. The Les Paul Studio was introduced in the early ’80s. DiMarzio DP103 (Best on a Budget) Another faithful PAF reproduction, the DiMarzio take on this … I know quite a few guys that own a Gibson.. and it just sits on the wall while they play their modded Epiphone because it sounds and stays in tune better.. And who wants to go swapping hardware out on a $3500 guitar just to get it to stay in tune? Also playing mid-budget guitars with top notch hardware, has a kind of a special feel, very hard to describe. James. I know to some it may be like putting a V8 in a Pinto but it’s my Pinto and after all Who doesn’t love the sound of a V8. It is a killer guitar that sits right at the sweet spot of the Epiphone line-up, having a perfect balance of price and features. The is one of our favorites with a mix of vintage/modern tones. I am putting a set of Antiquities into my Epiphone Les paul Custon, vintage 50’s wiring, mojo caps, switchcraft 3 way switch, switchcraft jack, CTS pots cant wait to hear it. when i buy the nut i will take it to a luthier to install it and give it a professional setup, I just picked up an Epi LP Ultra-II and would like to get the best tone possible – using it for vintage to modern rock and blues. At first glance, it’s all there. If you’re in love with your Les Paul already then none will disappoint. Thanks. My Epiphone Nighthawk with a JB Slant in the bridge, a custom shop SSL-5 in the middle(had to be custom made because of the odd middle slot), and a Seymourized SM3 mini humbucker in the neck. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s a different world of sound, much superior to the original pickup. The ’59 is an all around great choice for a vintage tone without knowing which guitar you are putting them in. I really miss that guitar! I picked up an Epi 60’s tribute LP a few years back. I'm my Epiphone Les Paul model Studio Electric Guitar. We can make pickups exactly what you would want from the Custom Shop, email us [email protected]. Wish I knew about these sooner, like 20 or 30 years ago. I have an Epiphone ES339 in Pelham Blue and I changed out the bridge for a JB Zebra. The Pearly Gates is also a great choice, giving you a very clear, sweet tone that gets plenty rude when overdriven, perfect for classic rock or blues. Any good dogear P-90s out there? Plan not buy nickel plated ones. Les Paul Studio LT; Goth Les Paul Studio; Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar. How much difference do they make and can covers be retro-fitted? I play Epiphone by choice. I have the luxury of having a guitar collecting friend, so I’ve played many guitars outside of my budget range and would love to have a Gibson LP Standard. While the Les Paul Special’s neck gets close to vintage spec, on the SG Epiphone has absolutely nailed it. Just set up my Epiphone Dot Studio with Seymour Duncan ’59s. can often reveal the black & white (“zebra”) plastic bobbins underneath. Greetings from Mexico. All rights reserved. If only they kept it, i’d say they’d be selling WAY more guitars. the trick is finding the right guitar. I used to have a Pearly Gates in the neck and a SH-4 in the bridge of my vintage faded SG and it was amazing. Filter (2) Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitars. In the neck I placed a 59, and it’s not bad at all but it didn’t impress me as much. It’s maybe the most unique of this line-up, its natural swell sounds divine when played quietly. This is it halfway through the operation. . If that’s what you really want, then the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers have to be the recommendation. I hope it doesn’t affect the tone. Any recommendations for the Casino? Soft play allows the creaminess to come through in your tone, but its responsiveness is excellent when picking. Wow, that looks awesome! Characteristics of the Les Paul and Its Pickups, How to Pick the Best Humbucking Pickups for Les Paul. The only reason given was not wanting to wrap the wire around the pickup in the cavity. The current line up of Epiphone Les Paul Standards are based on that original design and include such appointments as carved maple tops and humbucker pickups. What would be better? Another faithful PAF reproduction, the DiMarzio take on this vintage pickup mirrors its weak magnetic field to give it a natural articulation and special PAF wound coils to accentuate fatness and attack. I rewired my Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe (ES-5) with CTS 500k potentiometers, vintage style “push-back” cloth shielded wire, orange drop capacitor, and rewired the leads to the P-90s with the same vintage style “push-back” cloth shielded wire. But…The feel, fretwork and playability of this LP is just tremendous. However, as you can hear from the demonstrations above, any difference to which these pickup variations contribute is barely audible. A more Gretsch kind of sound? The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a really great way to experience what makes the Les Paul so special. Epiphone is well loved by many for their semi-hollow bodies, their range of selection and affordable prices. they can make a 2×4 sound good. Both similar to Gibsons classic 490R and 498T pickups respectively they deliver a high tight output ideal from every style of music, from traditional jazz, to raw metal. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard, which more closely resembles a Gibson Les Paul, was introduced in 1989 … Any pickup color suggestions for a G400. I now have an extremely versatile guitar that sounds good clean of dirty. Join the likes of Noel Gallagher, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles who've all got their iconic sound from Epiphone.Your best studio performance. I am sure it plays great for a fraction of the price and only posers care about Gibson name. Through the 60’s and 70’s rock scene the Les Paul became a true classic and many influential guitarists such as the stellar Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Clapton heralded the Les Paul as the finest guitar ever crafted. This model is in Cherry Sunburst. Buy your Epiphone Les Paul Studio E1 Electric Guitar from Sam Ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. If anyone has any thoughts or advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. Hello, I bought an Epiphone Dot Studio with Seymour Duncan pickups, a Jazz Model for the neck and JB for the bridge, do you think is a good choice for a semi-hollow body? They are the result of many years experience and tremendous workmanship, and they really are something special. Les Pauls, on the other hand, had a humbucker layout with fat sounding pickups which made it excel for heavier, fuzzier or thicker tones. You may be ready to pull the trigger your first Les Paul style guitar but your credit card may refuse such a purchase - an Epiphone LP is a good alternative. The SG is more of a classic rock machine, while the ES-339 is gorgeous and subtle, and perhaps the best guitar around its price point. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a modern version of the classic ‘80s no-frills design. It sounds like an SG, a LP, a Tele, and a Strat all rolled into one, with some very different tones combining them. @disqus_H1dW7rM1VG:disqus you do realise the word “wank” comes to mind? I’ve put Seth Lovers in my Epi LP Custom and over the weekend in my 1997 Riviera (won’t be doing that job again.. It’s not only inspired by the original Gibson PAFs but follows the manufacturing process closely. The Les Paul provides fatness and size, this pickup provides attack. I like Seths or Antiquities in any semi hollow, especially 339s or 335s. It still responds creamily to distortion though, purring with aged wisdom and sophistication. The neck pickup provides a familiar muscular and warm vintage sound that works for jazz and blues in equal measure, while the bridge has that meaty mid range attack that makes any Les Paul a rock machine. Total Tonal Control. If this is a new pickup, there should be more than enough wire. It’s capable of jazz and blues, to full on metal and everything in between. You can feel the subtleness of Wolfe’s winding process and the pickups magnetism, which creates a magnetic field perfect for letting the body of the Les Paul come through in all its woody glory. Looking for something maybe a little mellower in the neck and a little more low end (note this is a light SG) in the bridge? Probuckers are Epiphone’s version of Gibson’s Burstbuckers, and are the top of the line for Epiphone pickups, but the Alnico Classics are a fine pickup for the money. Or something articulate and vintage sounding? He also said he would remove it and reinstall it at no charge. Huge sustain, articulate, signature Slash tone….. The Epiphone Les Paul is a Gibson-authorized copy of the famous Gibson Les Paul and is positioned as a more affordable version. but that might be extreme too jazzy for you. What would be the SD equivalent to a gibson 57 pickup? Sounds AMAZING!!! Please help me out! The Les Paul is among the most iconic guitar designs in the world. It’s tempting to label them a knock off, but the company is actually owned by Gibson. Epiphone manufactures 2 variations, one with a traditional Tune-o-matic bridge and … It really does a great job of capturing a musical era, which is the amazing thing a pickup can do to your tone. Owners of vintage Les Pauls often remove their pickup covers for a better bass response and magnetic pull, which (with luck of the draw!) Owners of vintage Les Pauls often remove their pickup covers for a better bass response and magnetic pull, revealing the black & white (“zebra”) bobbins underneath. There’s nothing about any of these not to love though. Epiphone Les Paul guitars are mostly indistinguishable from the Gibson version, from their look and feel to their sounds. The Epiphone Les Paul carries that legendary tone and natural sustain that we’ve come to expect from the Gibson Les Paul itself. It offers a lightweight poplar body with okoume neck in 1960s slim taper “D” profile and Epiphone open-coil humbuckers. Gr If you’re looking that classic tone vintage rock and blues tone, the ’59 gives you a great PAF character: after all it’s built to recreate one of the most highly desired tones, known to many as the holy grail of tone, a ’59 Les Paul. There’s not much choice for Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue, because of strange bridge “slant” humbucker. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio has seen a few different incarnations over the years, and the occasion “special edition” release. Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT - Heritage Sunburst £209 In Stock. Nevertheless, Gibson’s rise in 2020 started on the back of the Epiphone re-launch and continues here with the new 2020 line of USA models. I am actually looking at the Hot Rodded set for my Epiphone ES-339 Pro. It was a great guitar to begin with, but Seymour Duncan pushed this guitar over the top! Gents, this is a match made in heaven and a guitar for the gods! If I ever get a Gibson, a pair of Seth Lovers are going straight in it! Les Paul-100. They’ve transformed both guitars! Those with OCD might not like it though. Anyone think the sound would be improved? Your site recommends Seth’s and Antiquities or the 59′. I confess I don’t know enough to know if they are pulling my leg or just being lazy. These options are also true of the ES-335 and other variants. With P-Rails, we suggest you add Triple Shot rings so you can get both coils in series or parallel, or either coil on their own. It’s fat and round bottomed, complementary of that Les Paul tone. She certainly was a beauty and I wish I still owned her. Absolutely beautiful tone. This model is the same as the "Goth", but there is no XII fret marker, and is available in Ebony, Alpine White, Worn Brown, and Worn Cherry colors. You may be ready to pull the trigger your first Les Paul style guitar but your credit card may refuse such a purchase – an Epiphone LP is a good alternative. While Gibson Les Pauls are decked out with great pickups, many choose to upgrade to more bespoke layouts that shoe-fit their tone to precision.–Why-Is-This-Guitar-Shaking-Up-The-I.aspx,, Announcing the Eric Steckel Signature “Candy” Humbucker Set. LOVE my Duncans! Unfortunately Epiphone stopped making them and only offer a sunburst version and the all seem to run around 2 kilos and the sunburst is silkscreened on like the les pauls :/ SD#s get put in all my guitars though . Out of all of my 30 guitars, this one has become my number 1 go to workhorse. A day may come when I can afford Gibson’s or Paul Reed Smith’s and get all the qualities I am looking for in one axe without mods. Reluctant to sell as its my pride and joy, but I just don't have the time to use it. I wouldnt like modern high gain pickups and lose all the magic of a les paul vintag-ish sounding guitar. If it wasn’t new, it is easy enough to extend the wires. This makes it more affordable and not as flashy, which some prefer for the studio. When distorted it comes to life with a warmness that can’t be easily matched by other humbuckers. It absolutely kicks ass now. And of course the JB/Jazz Hot Rodded combo will give you tons of versatility, with singing highs from the bridge pickup and plenty of articulation for soloing in the neck position. Epi Dot with Seth Lovers and duplicated the aforementioned harness. Epiphone les paul standard plus 2010 with jb and jazz. So I put a PG in the neck and a JB in the bridge – pretty damn happy. Seymour Duncan has the original formula, his notes, drawings, and even the winder he used for the original PAF pickups. The modern version of the ’80s classic, the Les Paul Studio offers a lightweight mahogany body with plain maple veneer top. I owned an Epiphone Les Paul and it LOVED Duncan Distortions. I don’t usually swap out the pickups in my guitars as I tend to buy the stock instrument based on the fact I love it’s tone… but if I was to get an Epi I would make the following pickup swaps depending on the style of music I intend to use it for, 1) classic rock, blues, rock – Alnico II Pro Slash in the bridge and a Pearly Gates in the neck. Intended to be accessible and affordable, they're streamlined and lightweight. Even Gibson Les Paul’s are not all the same, and you can get a Les Paul Studio quite cheaply, but then it will go up in price until you reach what most people accept as ‘the’ Les Paul, the Standard. Electric Guitar. The current line up of Epiphone Les Paul Standards are based on that original design and include such appointments as carved maple tops and humbucker pickups. I made the switch to the JB and I kept the 500k pots. They have pretty much all the qualities you’d look for from a vintage Gibson, and the flexibility of blending in respectable single coil tones with the coil split. Would a set of p rails be good for my Epi LP plus top pro with 50’s wiring? The Seymour Duncan ’59 suits metallers and rockers better than most, and that pickup along with the DiMarzio DP103 suit lower budgets. I picked up an Epi 339 and was considering upgrading the electronics. At the mid and upper range of the Epiphone Les Paul range, most guitars retain practically all of the other essential Les Paul features -- two humbucking or P90 single coil pickups, two volume and two tone controls, a three-way selector switch, body and neck binding, 24.75" scale length and … Lovely take on original PAF with fatness, articulation and a woodiness that complements the Les Paul, Special magnets provide vintage response and dynamics, Weak pre-aged magnets may provide a slightly unstable tone that doesn’t suit heavy rock, Higher gain, no ring, more applicable to heavy styles than other pickups here, Hotness combines with a warm middle and lower end, Bright and clangy to some, for a Les Paul pickup, Weak field provides true vintage articulation, Combines PAF with DiMarzio vintage engineering for a creamy, thick sound, Weak magnets don’t suit aggressive playing. Guitars other than the Les Paul Studio in this series were the Gibson SG, Flying V, X-plorer and Nikki Sixx Blackbird Bass. It’s okay, but curious what you’d recommend for that forlorn psych-rock sorta feel. The Custom Custom is a great choice, just a bit hotter than vintage but lots of midrange, really nice harmonics too! I’ve got a G400. Renowned for its singlecut shape and stunning resonance, the Les Paul is arguably one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. Get inspired with the Epiphone Les Paul Studio. It’ll run circles around ANY semi hollow body that’s out there. 2004 Elitist ’57 Gold Top with a set of Seth Lovers and an RS Guitarworks vintage harness. Above we have two awesome pickups which really try and replicate a vintage sound which is most at home on any Les Paul. Epiphone models may be more lacking in their pickups and a replacement can transform your sound greatly. Epiphone Les Paul Studio Guitars The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is the next instalment in the Inspired by Gibson Collection. haha You cannot be wrong with that, seriously. Super! Today, any Epiphone Les Paul with "Standard" in the name is a safe bet for someone looking for this iconic rock platform. The "Voodoo" series followed which included an SG as well as Les Paul Studio. Duncan ’59s and SGs are a match made in heaven. Call 800-472-6274 for expert advice. If you own a Dot and like the way it plays then change your pickups. For those with an Epiphone Nighthawk, Seymour Duncan offers special ‘slanted‘ versions of the ’59 and JB models for the bridge position. You can’t go wrong with ’59s for vintage tones, but for more modern ones, consider the Jazz neck and the Custom in the bridge. 59set or a 59 (Neck) with Custom5 (Bridge). This is one of Seymour Duncan’s oldest designs and was one of the first re-builds of the original PAF to hit the market. I knew that the feel, playability and build quality would be hard, if not impossible to change but the tone I could do with the help of Seymour Duncan. Had a great setup done and guess what? Any Les Paul, copies or the real thing, will benefit from this fantastic pickup. We are very happy that our pickups made your Dot come alive! Ideally like a smooth fusion sound with OD and a snappy clean Jazz tone on clean. Yes, of course. A list with great pickups for a Les Paul would simply not be complete without the Pearly Gates! I’ve grown tired of the sound, need something more versatile, both cleans and good distortion. From the Inspired by Gibson Collection, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio blends this classic model from the 80s with some great modern features. I think no 2 are alike. The guitar sounds fantastic-100% better than the old pickups, even with the neck pickup installed backwards. Enjoy our 45-day return policy. Epiphone Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar - Smokehouse Burst Solidbody Electric Guitar with Mahogany Body, Maple Top, Mahogany Neck, Pau Ferro Fingerboard, and 2 Humbucking Pickups - … Got two issues. As mentioned, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio is a cheaper version of the Gibson Les Paul Studio model. It’s a very popular pickup and its versatility is wide when applied to a Les Paul. Its Aminco magnet provides more attack, so it has a slightly modern gleam to its high-end. 1 to 7 of 7. Les Paul Studio. :-9. Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Thanks guys! It features sand-cast magnets and a special winding pitch developed by Seymour when he worked in London in the days of what we now call classic rock. The new ProBucker pickups that Epiphone has installed on the Les Paul Standard (full review) has really improved the overall sound of the Epiphone LP. The Mahogany body is even weight relieved beneath the figured Maple top, making it a … Deal with it. They’ve been building killer f-hole models for 70 years. But the electronics are horrible. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at The addition of Alnico Classic Plus humbuckers gives you even more low-end punch and midrange crunch. The term “studio” means that it is a somewhat stripped-down guitar. Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition with Stunning Birds Eye Maple Top 1997** Ultra Rare example closet time machine guitar. With this pickup, we take a step down in price, but not an enormous one in results. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio features a solid mahogany body and delivers the classic tone and sustain that can only come from a "real" Les Paul. Neither are wax potted, so you get an open sound which is the way the originals were made. Honeyburst Epiphone Les Paul Standard with a swapped bridge pickup. The hard work paid off Wolf Macleod! It has that rich and deep Les Paul Studio sound, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it pairs with the Gibson Les Paul. The DR 100 is indubitably one of Epiphone’s best selling … Total Tonal Control. I like playing, ac/cd, Maiden, Sabath, 80’s metal. This modern rendition of the 80s classic brings the sound you love to the forefront of guitar playing. How about us Epiphone BASS lovers? amazing tone and will knock down walls. Most of it is in our heads, and wallets…. Powerful Alnico Humbucker Pickups. Inexpensive new guitars are made just as well, and if you find a good one – just change the pickups and hardware, then you have a guitar 99% as good as a 1959 LP for $100K+……. Through a modified Bugera V22, both these guitars sound awesome, and can pretty much equal the 335 clone with the Seths. What would be the “best” pickup setup for a low tuned Les Paul that likes to have a bit hot and just a bit more modern tune, but without the lots of midrange? I own a four guitars made in Korea. It almost streams your guitar’s voice and its woody overtones, providing a brilliant hardware link between your guitar’s parts and your amplifier. JB & Jazz in my red/black sparkleburst ltd edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard, it really sings now! Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover (Editor’s Choice), The 4 Best Single Coil Pickups Reviews - 2020, The 4 Best Passive Pickups for Metal (Reviews - 2020), The 3 Best Guitar Amp Attenuators (Reviews – 2020), The 6 Best Bass Preamp Pedals of 2020 (Reviews), Amazing heritage and as close to the PAF as money can buy, Full of vintage life, with a lovely musical roughness and warmth. The one thing you’re sure of when buying one of these is that you’re buying a pickup most at home on a Les Paul. The mahogany neck has a 1960s slim taper “D” profile with pau ferro fretboard and pearloid dot inlays. I’ve got an Allen Woody Rumblekat bass, and while the pickups are OK, I’d love to see some options with Seymour Duncan. PRODUCT FEATURES. Thanks! Nope, it’s still a $550 guitar, that you upgraded the pickups and bought a case for. I recently put P’Rails and Triple Shots in my Epiphone Dot Studio. Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Electric Guitar. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio from the Inspired by Gibson™ Collection is the modern version of the 80s classic originally intended for players seeking the classic Les Paul™ sound with no frills and less weight. Epiphone is well loved by many for their semi-hollow bodies, their range of selection and affordable prices. My “Burnt Cherry” Epiphone Dot Studio.. Fitted with a ’59 neck, and have a Custom Custom on order for the bridge. Not everyone would be able to tell the difference at a glance–you’ll notice the difference from the headstock design. Epiphone Les Paul Studio Guitars The Epiphone Les Paul Studio is the next instalment in the Inspired by Gibson Collection. Another great choice for a full, warm and smooth tone is the ’59 pickup. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Their replications differ but they all have one thing in common, they sound amazing on Les Pauls. Incredible! Tone is the name of the game and pickups can transform a Les Paul and really capitalize on their fantastic build qualities. Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear. Put a Custom 5 in the bridge, and I loved the cleans and dirty tones I got so much I barely use the neck pup anymore. It has a one piece bound neck and no veneer on the body. Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitars; Skip to page navigation. Extura? I placed a JB in my Epiphone SG’s neck and I couldn’t be happier about it. Early versions Epiphone Les Paul had bolted on necks, flat bodies with a stubby horn and multiple pickup configurations more akin to a superstrat style guitar. I just got a 59 for the neck and a JB for the bridge on my Dot and they have turned this guitar into one of my favorite players again I love the way it sounds now I can’t put it down the new Seymour Duncan pickups have made this guitar back into one of my favorite guitars again it sounds like anew ES335 just for about a quarter of the price. They’re not *better* sounding than the Seth Lovers (which I’ve never heard split) but they’re not too far off. I can’t stretch to Seth Lovers but fancy a pair of 59s. Santa Barbara, California. Covers don’t affect the output, but maybe the EQ a tiny bit. With designs similar to Gibsons classic 490R and 498T pickups, they deliver a thick output, ideal for every style of music, from fast jazz, to thrash metal. The first tech I spoke with tried to explain it away by telling me that Peter Green installed his neck pickup in that fashion-which is apparently true, but I’ve got a feeling there’s more to it than that. This has nothing to do with the original sound of my Dot anymore. Les Paul 100. Hey , I got a Epi LP Black Beauty 3, I want to upgrade my neck and bridge position, I like the way the invaders sound or maybe the 59/custom, I want to put it through a lot of gain!! But until then I’m a SD customer. Epi Joe Bonamassa Goldtop which came with Gibby Burstbuckers 2 and 3 and neck and bridge respectively and I am happy with them… only changed out to CTS 550K pots, PIO caps and Switchcraft switch and jack. My whole life i've been used to playing Gibson's but Im happy with this guitar for playing small club gigs so my expensive stuff doesn't get stolen or destroyed. I use D’Addario flat-wound 10 guage. Originally intended for studio musicians and those looking for a stripped down version of the classic Les Paul, this model has now earned its place as a favourite amongst many guitarists. With its pickup layout, the Les Paul had a deeper, thicker Mahogany body which added further to its vintage fatness. While some love the JB at 500K, consider going to 250K pots to tame the highs just a bit. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. My guitar tech thinks they’ll be too hot without covers. Hey All, I recently got gifted an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. Couldn’t be happier… Thanks Seymour! The Les Paul Studio LT has a 650R pickup in the rhythm position and a 700T in the lead position. Now, let’s take a look at the 4 best humbucker pickups for Les Paul: Seth Lover was the father of the humbucking pickup, and he defined years of pickup manufacturing, securing his legacy as a massive contributor to musical engineering. There are so many kinds of pickups out there, and really there isn’t that much difference in tone.
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